Taking responsibility on the streets

As an experienced Street Photographer, I'm actually not that comfortable taking pictures of strangers. Should we shoot whatever we want in public spaces, or is it better to set personal limits of responsibility and integrity?

Clear the mind and see the light

As the days of isolation have continued I have begun to become more and more aware of how the light at different times of the day turns quotidian household fixtures and fittings into objects of beauty. The simple duty of having to slow down has uncluttered my brain and increased my sense of perception. I literally see things today in a new light.

A new creative and dynamic image for informatique Banque Populaire

These last 12 months, I’ve had the pleasure of working for the computer programming structure within the French bank, Banque Populaire (iBP), creating a set of images for their new dedicated photo library. This project being part of an overhaul of the company's branding and communication strategy.

Visual conversations with Niall McDiarmid

Around 4 years ago I discovered Niall McDiarmid’s work. Over and above enjoying and admiring his images, I felt he ticked many of the boxes that were missing in my work. The crossover of portraiture and street photography really appealed, he was saying something meaningful that went beyond personal artistic expression.

Paris autumn Street Photography workshop

Several months’ preparatory work came to fruition with this autumn’s Street Photography workshop in Paris. From finding a suitable base to seeking out a varied set of locations, my aim is to pass on what I believe are those aspects of the craft that are teachable and reproducible in real life conditions.

Loire Atlantique Photo Spring Workshop

Following on from the success of last autumn's workshop, a new set of street shooting enthusiasts from local photo clubs, joined me for a spring weekend in Nantes & Saint Nazaire. From the city centre flea-market to the seaside promenade: a variety of environments to capture the imagination & harness our skills.
Ateliervecteur Intermede-photo architecture entreprise Nantes-Tim Fox

Atelier Vecteur, the Intermède project

I was delighted to have been commissioned again by the collective of architect designers Ateliervecteur to photograph their new creation Intermède in Nantes, following on from the success of their Oscillation project back in 2016. Like that previous installation, this architectural project skillfully combines both a practical function as well as offering an artistic response to the surrounding environment.

Great Street Photographers take shit pictures

Far from wanting to knock “star names” off their pedestals, I intend to show that one can learn just as much, from bad or error pictures, as from the good ones. Indeed it may be that the “shit photos” separate out the best shooters from the common mortals, just as significantly, as the successful hits do.

Paris Street Photography Workshop Photobook

It would seem to be a truism in photography that the best way to appreciate pictures is to see them in book form. Only when photographs are viewed together on the printed page do they take on their real meaning. It is my ambition therefore after each Workshop to create a book, presenting the group's images together in narrative form, and capturing the essence of our shared experiences.

Is Street Photography necessarily a solitary occupation?

Many Street Photographers talk of a spiritual-like experience when our perceptions are truly heightened and we can suddenly order the surrounding chaos in magical ways, to capture a beautiful single moment. Is shooting on one's own the only way to achieve this - how else can we be totally concentrated, immune from distractions?

Street Photography highlights 2019

No less an authority than Alex Webb once told me that I had a good natural instinct for photographing in portrait format. I took it as a compliment! When I look back at my street pictures over this last year I find again that some of my most successful or interesting images were upright ones. There's something about the vertical frame that I consider particularly appealing: a certain elegance, a sense of form and space which is inherent to composing a scene in such a way.

New Street Photography Newsletter

My new purpose designed Street Photography newsletter. Keep up to date with the the latest articles, interviews, book and exhibition recommendations, as well as receiving advance notice of upcoming Workshops and special offers.

Location, location, location

When we marvel at the skill of street photographers to extract from the chaotic mass of visual information that surrounds us, a spontaneous and magical moment of everyday life, it would seem that they are just blessed with good luck. The truth however is somewhat different. We head to locations that we know are going to provide us with rich photographic potential.

Backstage at the Festival Interceltique

Summer is the season for big music festivals in France and they don’t come any bigger than the Festival Interceltique in Lorient, Brittany, approaching it’s 50th edition and attracting three quarters of a million Celtic music enthusiasts over ten days at the beginning of every August.I had the pleasure of attending for the first time a few weeks ago on a commission for Blackmagic Design, one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of creative video technology.

Montessori Paris

With the new school year just around the corner, delighted to have been part of the team, along with Alcali Design and 7h47 web development, involved in the creation of the new visual communication campaign for the Montessori School in Paris, now known as atMontessori.