Designer David Pearson makes a hit in Nantes

As the saying goes- “Should we judge a book by its cover?”

Cover design by David Pearson for La théorie du Panda- Pascal Garnier, Editions Zulma, 2007.

London-based designer David Pearson, renowned on both sides of the Channel and internationally , for his innovative book cover designs, most notably with Penguin and Zulma publishing, was in Nantes last week to reveal a bit more to the initiated and wider public alike.

Invited by the collective of designers ” Carré Cousu Collé” and honoured with an exhibition, and accompanying book signing of the work he has designed for Zulma, in the plush surrounds of the Hôtel Pommeraye, David was also in town to run a workshop for master level students of graphic design at the Ecole de Communication Visuelle.

His passion, generosity and great communication skills, met a very receptive audience and the students responded with great enthusiasm and no little creativity to the insights and experience that David was able to share with them over the 2 day course. For many, David’s presence has reignited their love for book design and has opened their eyes to the full range of  possibilities that still remain to be explored in creating physical objects for people to read.

Here are a few pictures I took covering the different events that David was involved in during his brief stay.

During his short trip, David made a huge impression and many friends, and I, for one, am looking forward to sharing a pint in an East End pub in the near future. For a proper appreciation of his skills as a designer, take a look at his website.



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