“Dear Tim, I want to let you know that everything about this weekend was positive, from the impeccable organisation to the friendly and easy-going atmosphere among the group, all served up with your expert advice and well- judged comments. We were definitely in good hands to give free rein to our creativity ! Thanks again. Elsa ”



My love for Street Photography began the very moment I first picked up a camera.
This is not just a hobby, or even a sideline to my professional work.
I would define it as a way of life. I need to be out on the streets, looking for the unexpected, capturing the beauty and absurdity of everyday life, in order to feel fully alive. It’s what makes me happy and engaged with the world.


The workshop structure is the perfect framework to transmit my passion to like-minded enthusiasts, while promoting a fun and unique experience for all types of photographer, amateur and professional alike.

It is designed specifically for small groups, ensuring that each participant can immerse themselves fully in the development of their craft, while getting personal feedback and enjoying the working benefits of a collective environment. We are lodged, wherever possible, in the same accommodation, in order to maximize the value of this shared adventure and the social pleasure of being in a community atmosphere.


A career spanning three decades has shown me that while Street Photography is a personal creative expression, it embodies technical and cultural knowledge that can be readily passed on to others, and enjoyed in a group situation.

Over the last ten years, I have developed the communication and social skills required to learn the craft and expertise of being a professional teacher.

Running half-day courses on composition and street photography for the training platform Commeunphotographe in Nantes, has enabled me to create my own set of practical exercises and image critiques for students with varying levels of technical competence. I encourage a defined working practice in combination with an attitude of free-spiritedness, to improve both shooting skills and creativity.

As a lecturer at the Graphic Design School ECV, the challenge of developing projects where photography is used in combination with other creative media, has broadened my horizons, and increased my awareness of photography as a tool for visual communication.

Latest workshop


Train your eye to create order from disorder and distill the constant moving flux into a single still image.
Recognize a “good location” and experiment working the scene.
Develop a structured method of shooting rather than relying on random luck.
Find inspiration from the masters while creating your own personal style.

Recent work

“This workshop was really instructive for me. I learned that you’ve got to really like people to take good photos of them, it’s part philanthropy, part sociology. It definitely applies to you. I really felt that you’re an empathetic person and that you communicate your passion with methodology and understanding. Stéphane”

St Malo workshop - Sep 2017

This attractive resort in Brittany was still brimming with activity at the tail end of the summer, and proved a great location for the eight participants on this weekend workshop. With both bright sunshine and heavy rain, the changing conditions tested technique and creativity; the results were highly impressive.

Nantes workshop - June 2017

A jovial, feel-good atmosphere in town for this Saturday workshop, as the summer weather encouraged a sense of play & relaxation. Always a bonus when taking pictures of strangers, and with the central areas packed with musicians and other street performers, the participants had a feast for both their eyes and ears.

Rome workshop - March 2017

As both a photographer and a teacher, there’s no better learning curve than training with the best. Spending five intensive days under the tutelage of the husband and wife team, Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb, in the magic environment of the eternal city, was a once in a lifetime experience.


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